Welcome, thank you for your interest in Full Stack Solutions!

- To Begin, we'll need some basic contact info.

- Now let's find out a bit about your Company.

- Now, let's get to the good stuff and find out about your project.

Describe in plain English your current web site situation, and give us an overview of what the project is going to entail. Don’t try to be too formal or politically correct here… oftentimes corporate semantics can muddle the message. Write in the manner if you’d describe the project to a friend.

This section is the spot to list your short term and long term objectives for the project, as well as your motivation for investing in your web site. It aims to answer the question, “why are you here?” Is your website outdated? Have you expanded your services/product line? Are you marketing to a different target audience? Are you trying to attract job candidates? Or are you finding your existing site isn’t converting to enough sales? Tell us what you want to achieve.

Don't think too hard. Use your gut.

- Okay, stay with us here. Just a few technical questions!

For example: Home, About, Services, Contact us = 4 pages.

(Example: http://www.yourbusinessname.com) If you don't have one, enter one you think your visitors might like.

This means your website will automatically adjust its layout to work seamlessly and beautifully on any mobile device.

- Now let's talk about how you want your website to work.

In layman’s terms, this section asks the question, “What do you want your website to DO?” We need you to outline the features and functionality you’ll be wanting to see on your site (this could be things like contact forms, call to action buttons, MLS integration, image galleries, newsletter opt-in form, weekly upcoming events, etc.)

- Great work! Now it's time to talk budget.

This is another item that a lot of people skip over. We understand that you want to get as much as you can for as little as possible (it’s human nature), and we also understand that a small proportion of unscrupulous designers will pad their quotes to max out your budget. We’re not in that group, and we don’t play that game.

Be honest about what you can afford, and we’ll be honest and respectful about what we can give you within those parameters. Even if your budget is a little lacking, there are usually compromises that can be made here and there to accommodate you.

If you don’t have a budget set at all, then you’re not ready to be undergoing this step – your business plan should already include budgets for marketing and corporate identity development.

Choose an approximate budget range. Please keep in mind, you will be billed in US Dollars (USD).

- That wasn't so bad, was it? Now let's find out when you want this project to be complete.

Were you referred to us by somebody? A mutual contact? Google? Social media? Please let us know here.

Do you have anything you'd like to add to your RFP? Additional requests, or comments? Please be as detailed as you need to be below.

- You're all done!

Thanks so much for your interest in working with Full Stack Solutions. Once we've finished reviewing your RFP, we will let you know if we can accommodate your project, and ask additional questions if necessary. If we can accommodate your project, and we're ready to move forward, we will send you an official estimate for your project. Cheers & have an awesome day!