3 Things To Consider Before Owning A Website


A lot goes into owning a website. Often times we want something quick, fast, and easy and we're off. That's understandable. So, here's three things to consider before owning a website.

1. Your Domain Name

What is a domain name? Your domain name is your personal foot print on the web. It's what your visitors type in at google. So put some thought and choose wisely.

Here's a few pointers in choosing. First, see if your domain name available by checking on namecheck.com. If it isn't, don't worry. There are plenty of extensions to choose from. Such as, yourname.city, yourname.net, or yourname.fashion...to name a few.

Next, make sure your social handles match up with your domain name like so:


Trust me, it'll be a lot easier if your potential customer can find you on Google, Facebook, or Twitter, if this is the case. Namechk.com or namecheck.com are a big help when checking to see where your domain name and handles are available. Feel free to contact us we can walk you through this.

Lastly, your domain name will cost, generally, anywhere between $10 - $30 or more a year depending on the name. Keep in mind too that there is a wide selection of domain extensions to choose from. Such as, .net .shop .tv or .us, to name a few. And no need to feel bad if the .com extension isn't available. In fact, there are some pretty cool ones out there to choose from. Check this out: ...Here.

Interestingly enough, when purchasing a domain name, some places offer $0.99 for initial purchase for the first year, and then $10.99 or more per year after that. I usually go with namecheap.com when purchasing domain names for my colleagues, friends, and client. However, there are others out there if you so choose. Such as godaddy.com or name.com. It's worth mentioning that it'll be that some web hosting services offer you a free domain name upon initial purchase of their web hosting service--which will talk about next. Web hosting is a big one to think about before owning a website.

2. A Web Hosting Service

Up next. Web Hosting. Web hosting will cost you more than a domain name. Generally as low as $2.95 a month, with hosting services, you end up paying $35 or more for the whole year. Sadly, the more features (storage space, bandwidth, SSL, worpress add on, etc.) you add to your web hosting package the more it will cost you.

…You knew that was coming right?... So, the more you pay is usually accompanied by the more you get. So.

Here are a few places to check out: bluehost.com, hostgator.com, or justhost.com. These places ranked pretty good in 2016. So, check them out. I use ecowebhosting.co.uk, a 100% carbon neutral website hosting provider based in the UK...

And I went with the total package! Unlimited everything--bandwidth, storage, domain names, SSL, databases, wordpress installation--You name it I got it. So as you can image, the price in my shopping cart had trippled by the time it was time to check out. ...The kid in the candy store became an adult. Quick. Whatever the case, I got a sweet deal. That's why i went with them. :) Up next. Web maintenance.

3. Website Maintenance

Owning a website is more than just uploading files and forgetting they exist. Times change and so must a website. Up coming events must be posted if a business is to thrive in the long run. One way to keep customers coming back is to post content regularly. And much like social media sites, a website must change with the times and with what’s going on in it's potential industry. Also, if a site features a blog, it requires uploads, changes, edits, and comments...website maintenance. Further, commenting on a website's blog is highly effective when it comes to seo.

See, it’s more than just uploading and forgetting. It’s about engagement. Engagement with customers and clients and users. Users want to know that businesses care about the mix. They want to feel they are apart of something--something big--no one wants to feel left out. Even more, if you upload regularly and engage with your users, your site has tremendous potential to rank well with Search Engines.


Now that we know a little more about what a domain names is and how much it might cost you. And how effective it can be to have social media handles that match with your web domain name. Too, that some web hosting services offer a free domain name with initial purchase of their service. And about web maintenance and how it might effect your SEO strategy and help generate leads for your business. All three things are important and often go overlooked when it comes to owning a website. And it's worth mentioning. Hope this post reaches you in perfect timing.


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